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If you're looking, he suggests focusing your attention on the New Moon on Mar. The influence of the moon will help you add options to your contact list. But the New Moon on May 4 can help to put someone of "marriage material" on your radar.

Aries Love & Relationship Horoscope 12222:

You are likely to meet someone that you connect with on a personal and spiritual level in But in order to turn that into a relationship, Pavlisin says that you will need to be clear and upfront with your intentions early on. So stop saying, "I don't know, we'll see where it goes," if you really like someone and you want a relationship with them. It's a great time for partnership because Jupiter will be giving you more luck and fortune in every area of your life until Dec.

The source of Love – Horoscope

Set an intention for what you want to see happen in your love life for and the Universe will provide. As Thomas says, "This is the beginning chapter of the rest of your life, Sagittarius. It's time to for you to level up and look forward to bigger and better partnerships, Capricorn. You'll have three big eclipses in your sign, as well as a major stand-out moment for marriage and partnership around July 2.

If the one you're with really isn't "The One," it may be time to find someone even better. So don't worry because that person is out there and might just be the year you finally meet them. When it comes to love, is looking to be more of a casual year for you.

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According to Pavlisin, you can likely expect "flash-in-the pan, unsustainable connections" that are new, exciting, and sudden. In other words, you may meet people that are temporary but really fun.

Since Jupiter will be moving through your House of Friendships, it's not a bad idea to go out with your friends and meet new people without any expectations. If you're looking, make sure to ask your friends to introduce you to new options. As Thomas says, "This will definitely bring more luck into your life in the love department.

If you're looking forward to meeting that special someone in , there's good news.

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The likelihood of that happening is very good. According to Pavlisin, you're likely to meet someone that you have a good connection with. You're known for your dreamy nature, so just "don't leap too fast," he says. Take your time and get to know someone before you go all-in. To make the most out of your search, Thomas suggests focusing your attention on the middle of August through September.

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It's a great time to partner up, get engaged, or even tie the knot. Some signs may have a better chance of meeting that special someone in the new year than others, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you won't find love. The start of the new year brings new opportunities for love. It's just a matter of staying open and focusing on it.

Besides, each sign has times of the year that are more favorable for finding that special someone, so be sure to keep those in mind. Whether you meet the love of your life in or not, it still looks like everyone has something to look forward to. Aries March 21 - April Taurus April 20 - May Gemini May 21 - June Cancer June 21 - July Leo July 23 - Aug.

Virgo Aug. Libra Sept.

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Scorpio Oct. Sagittarius Nov. Capricorn Dec.

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  7. Aquarius Jan. Pisces Feb. Jan 21, 8. Jan 21, 9. Jan 21, Somebody help me! Well- I'll have to be out and about to meet him currently a homebody.

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    Mars is in Leo 5th and Jupiter is in Aquarius 11th. ETA: Venus is Cancer. Read the symbol wrong. It's so small. My Jupiter is in Pisces which is my 8th house and since I have problems managing my own damn money, I'd say that it was highly unlikely, lol. Mars in 1st house I seriously believe it.

    I hate that I have to do everything, damnit.

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    A bitch gets tired of being the initiator all the damn time. Not sure how I feel about this one Mars 6th house I have read that Jupiter represents your husband as well I'm still learning! I just had Vedic reading and it confused me so I will stick to Western astrology! Believable since I solicit businesses in my profession. He has Venus in Scorpio 12th House, which is funny because I believe I truly was married to him in a past life.

    Juno is suppose to be a man's wife, since Juno was the Wife of Jupiter. His Juno conjuncts mines. His Juno is in Scorpio 12th House again. We have some serious karma to workout. Jan 22, Interesting, because if I go my Jupiter's placement it would apply to my 1st husband: 3rd house - this house is about communication and it is likely you will meet your partner through your early school life, on routine journeys, through your siblings or neighbours. The above was certainly how we met. Very interesting I got Aries in Mars and in the 5th house what does that mean?