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We'll be polite about it we do have manners, mostly , but we're quick to move on if you can't hold our attention. Small details don't interest us. We think broadly about projects, ideas, and goals and what it will take to get the job done. Minor details are less interesting to us.

Aries Facts

We'll take care of 'em if we have to — after all, we value accountability — but we'll probably do so begrudgingly. At getting what we want, when we want, and how we want it. Please step aside and get out of our way. Best not to compete with us because you'll probably lose. Honestly, we're excited about everything: travel, literature, theater, interesting people, the world, you.

Most everything excites us and we want to jump in full-force.

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That's why we're big picture people: if we concern ourselves with trivialities, we won't have time to experience life at its fullest. We can hold grudges for years, people.

Interesting Facts About Aries Man

And what we lack in physical strength, we make up for in words — we will slay you with our tongue. That's just a nice way of saying that we say almost anything we want to, especially around people who know us extremely well. We might lock it up around your parents or your boss because apparently "restraint" is a societal norm who knew? Best to step in and save us when we're about to explode from politeness.

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Hire an Aries, give them something they're passionate about, and they will work harder for you than anyone else in the room. Otherwise, all bets are off.

Aries Love Compatibility

Literally none. Do not even get us started on the rage we feel sitting in traffic or in a grocery store line. It's a physical ailment that has no treatment except cowbell and not making us wait. If we feel like a caged animal, we will flee the moment you crack open the door even a smidge. Andrea Zimmerman is the editor-at-large at YourTango.

Aries Personality: 15 Fun Facts About The First Zodiac Sign

She lives in Chicago with her husband and three-legged cat. Find her on Instagram for more.. Follow Us. It's almost impossible not to smile in the face of an Aries' optimistic outlook on life. An Aries is enthusiastic and up for just about anything. Even better is the fact that they're sexy and passionate.

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An Aries doesn't even try to hide their feelings. If an Aries tells you they love you, you can believe what they are saying. As romantic as an Aries is if someone dumps them they tend to move on very quickly. It's rare that they'll mop long about an ex. An Aries is all about new beginnings, so the prospects of finding a new love interest is exciting.

13 Brutal Truths About Loving An Aries (As Written By One)

Like a Gemini , an Aries never really grows up or loses their boyish and girlish charm. Much of their innocence comes from the fact that every day is truly a new day and a fresh start for them. Whether they're seven or seventy, they greet each day with unbridled excitement. In fact, one of an Aries' best traits is that they rarely become jaded. If you ever need a quick pick me up, hang out with an Aries for a while and learn from their perspective.

What are Aries people like?

It will help you appreciate life with a fresh set of eyes. Those with an Aries Sun live in the here and now. They renew themselves by constantly experiencing the invigorating challenge of new beginnings and inspired activities. Courage and the willingness to pioneer, come what may and regardless of who they might trample on, is the very essence of an Aries' being.

An Aries is not born to build or maintain, or even to be nice, they are born to instigate and inspire, and then to instigate and inspire again, and again. If these Aries traits don't ring true for you or the Aries you know, keep in mind the placements of the other planets in the chart. Each planet in the astrological chart holds sway over the various areas of life and if a planet in another sign is strongly aspecting an Aries Sun, these typical Aries traits might not show themselves as readily.